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I am an award winning film director.

Recently I wrote and directed the short interactive web series Courage to Act, for which I received the Silver Screen Young Director Award in Cannes in 2022. The year before I directed and produced the acclaimed short film SHE, which had its international premiere at the Fotografiska Museum New York and was selected for more than 30 film festivals across the globe.

Before starting my own career as a film director, I assisted Thomas Vinterberg on the Oscar winning film Another Round and later I was his 2nd Unit Director on the Tv-series Families Like Ours. My professional film career was kickstarted in 2013 when I assisted the Oscar winning director Susanne Bier on the film A Second Chance.

“My work revolves around fragility: Fragility of life, fragility of the body and of human values. I work in reverse dimensions, inside out reflections of our world and use minimalism to saturate enigmatic expressions where movement in its slightest nuances play a major role.”

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